Sometimes i don't have camera and wish i did. when my dad was 15 he lied about his age and went to sea and when my mum was 15 she has helped make things right and blew every arrogant fascist person out the water since and i admire her so much, they traveled like runways as do i, i have no fixed abode and don't remember when i did, i also feel like i m just getting good at it, i got a whole game in me.

in order i think - Me and BH old pine IRELAND, Heartbreak LONDON, Rickey,MADER, CHILE, ansestors CORNWALL, Goodbye IRELAND, Diving EAST INDO, Drunk PALMA, Diving THAI, Dive GREECE, Drunk again MALDIVES, DD MALDIVES, Eddie the cat TURKEY, First boat CORNWALL, Guilty FIJI, Beach babes old Merc LANDS END, LOS LOBOS, GREENAWAY PRO, Lunch GWYNVER, Hump back WHITSUNDAYS, Indo ferry INDO, For Me and Sophie, Saddingtons MYANMAR, Gun show THAI, Crab IRELAND, Kermas INDO, LANZA, Lonely eyes GREECE, MADEAR, SUNSET, Magic mushrooms IRELAND, Manta point ASIA, MICKEY SMITH, Knives COLUMBIA, My Viva, OLD PINE, Keys big GT NT, ORKNEY, PALMA, Disco Dancing PALMA, Paco Mayo PERU, PERU, Rip sticks IRELAND, Rippe MALDIVES, RJ MALDIVES, Rose TUNISIA, AD and Roxy GWYNVER, Arriving GRAND CANIARIA, ARRIVING MALDIVES, Walk ORKNEY, Wind IRELAND, Swim SCOTLAND, TL MS ST.IVES, Camborne CORNWLL.